The Best 

Competitive JiuJitsu Academy 

in East Texas

10th Planet JiuJitsu is the premiere competitive jiujitsu academy in East Texas.

Our mission is to provide cutting-edge competitive martial arts training and to our members in becoming successful athletes. We teach students from Mount Pleasant, Texas, and the surrounding areas of all ages and skill levels. We provide our members with practical instruction that keeps our athletes competition ready — both on and off the mat.

Whether you are a parent looking to start your child on the path to success in competition, or an athlete looking for a place to develop your skills and compete with others who share your passion for martial arts, we are here for you!

We see ourselves as more than just a martial arts gym; we see ourselves as a community center where everyone young and old, big and small,  are welcome and has an opportunity to grow. We offer classes for all ages and skill levels as well as one on one instruction for the most motivated athletes.

With our world-class curriculum, innovative training methods, and proven results, we know that joining 10th Planet JiuJitsu Mount Pleasant will be the best decision you've ever made for your fitness goals and competitive dreams!

107  Alexander Road, 

Mount Pleasant, Texas 75455